Teacher Assistant Job Opportunity

Be part of a dynamic team providing one-to-one assistance for children with autism.

We are looking for patient, kind, hard-working and creative individuals to provide one-to-one student support in a unique learning environment.

Job description:

As a member of the educational and therapeutic team, the teacher assistant provides comprehensive direct care and instructional support for students with autism spectrum disorders.

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide one-to-one supplemental academic and therapeutic instruction to students according to their individualized educational plan.
  • Adapt classroom activities, assignments and/or materials as assigned by supervising therapist for the purpose of supporting and reinforcing student objectives.
  • Provide ongoing communication regarding student progress or issues with therapists, teachers, support staff and director. Also maintain daily communication between home and school.
  • Support students across all environments, including community outings and inclusion settings when needed.
  • Follow behavioral management programs as developed by the team and school policies.
  • Record and maintain academic instruction and behavioral data.
  • Assist student with self help skills: meals, toileting, grooming.
  • Participate in staff trainings, staff meetings and case review meetings

Job Requirements:

  • High school diploma
  • Experience working with individuals with autism.
  • Must pass a background check.
  • Must be willing to take a PPD skin test and/or submit proof of a current (last 60 days) Negative TB result.
  • Physical Requirements: While performing the duties of this job, employees are regularly required to talk and hear. This position is very active and requires standing, running, walking, lifting, bending, kneeling, stooping, and crouching. Employees must be able to lift more than 25 pounds.

Job Type: Full-time

Please send a resume to: dvescolani@giantstepsstl.org


Giant Steps is accepting applications for the position of Summer Camp Counselor.

Qualifications: Minimum of a High School Diploma. Preference given to counselors experienced in working with children or with college coursework in Special Education or Speech, Occupational or Music Therapy.

Job Description

Giant Steps Camp Counselor provides one–to–one support to a camper with Autism Spectrum Disorder
– Assists the camper to attend all activities on schedule
– Provides support to help the camper participate and complete activities
– Offers alternative activities as needed
– Encourages social interaction and communication with other campers and counselors
– Supervises the camper at all times to maintain safety

Giant Steps Camp Counselor supervises the camper to maintain safety while accessing community experiences
– Assists the camper on and off the bus
– Provides constant 1-1 supervision in the community
– Encourages interaction and independence as possible
– Engages the camper in social communication with others
– CELL PHONE USE is prohibited other than an emergency

Giant Steps Camp Counselor assists the camper with self-help skills as needed, while encouraging camper to complete tasks independently
– Dressing/undressing
– Toileting
– Eating snacks and lunch

Giant Steps Camp Counselor helps maintain camp organization
– Arrives and departs on time to work and bus
– Completes set up and clean up assignments
– Checks daily schedule to be prepared for student on arrival
– Interacts briefly with parent daily
– Completes daily written log sheet for parents
– Helps camper access therapy schedule
– Follows direction of camp leaders and director
– Supervises camper at all times
– Seeks assistance from camp leaders as needed
– Reports incidents to camp director and camp leaders
– Has fun and enjoys camp and your camper!

Download Camp Counselor application

Submit completed application to Giant Steps Camp Director Ashley Ploesser by email aploesser@giantstepsstl.org or fax to 314-932-1053.

Social Skills

All Giant Steps students participate in social skills classes with small groups of peers, usually 2 to 4 children per session.

The Social Skills class was created with the primary goal to teach students how to learn skills such as; how to sit at a table with others, engage in an activity, take a turn, wait for others to play, and learn how to win and lose. When you walk into this class you will see a wide variety of games to entice every child, at every level and ability.

We have seen our children develop, and the teachers help the students learn how to appropriately interact with peers, as well as how to be cooperative in group settings.

Students may be building a pretend zoo, working intently in a social skills workbook, practicing imitation skills, or learning how to have conversations with friends. Others are building with Legos, or matching their faces to different emotions.

These activities allow the children to learn important social skills while experiencing a fun classroom environment.